Connaught Radio SalesWhy Radio?

Recent audience research has shown that almost 90% of adults listen to radio every week for an average of 22 hours (RAB – 2012)


The IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) reports that radio is the country’s second most consumed medium after television.


This love of radio, this overwhelming consumption of radio shows that radio plays a unique emotional and personal role in the day to day life of the listener.


This passion for radio should never be under estimated. This most personal of mediums wields an incredibly strong emotional influence that we can help you to utilise.


Our experience and expertise has demonstrated and proved time and time again that a blend of different media can be an extremely effective, powerful tool to reach your target market… a tool that results in your potential clients reacting positively to your brand.


Radio is Cost EffectiveWhen you compare radio to other forms of advertising radio has the ability to reach thousands of people simultaneously making it one of the most cost effective methods of advertising. The more you advertise the more your company name or brand becomes a household name to your target market.

Radio is PersonalAs its often consumed alone, radio tends to be an intmate medium where a relationship exits between the listener and their radio. The advertiser has the ability to sit down next to the listener and talk to them personally at all times relevant to production consumption, and because radio is seen as a friend, its message is more credible – its trusted!

Radio can be heard anywhereRadio is a truly portable medium – it can be heard anywhere: at home, in the car, the garden, the bathroom even the bedroom therefore radio is highly intrusive!

Radio Builds ReputationRadio can provide a high repetition of advertising messages, giving high exposure to your own target audience

Radio is free to listen toCommercial radio is free to listen to, making listeners more amenable, more willing to consume and therefore more receptive to your market.

Radio targets your audienceIn-depth research and planning ensures that the right demographic group is targeted at the right time of day. Radio can talk to people about cars in their cars and about recruitment on Monday mornings. New research also shows that internet users listen to the radio whilst on line.